FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper, Tootie Frootie, X-Small 4-12 lbs (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper, Tootie Frootie, X-Small 4-12 lbs (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper, Tootie Frootie, X-Small 4-12 lbs (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Product Description FuzziBunz Diapers in size Extra Small are the perfect diaper for moms that want their precious baby in cloth from the very beginning. Small enough to fit a newborn or even a preemie babies can enjoy the rash free, chemical free existence that other FuzziBunz babies enjoy while living in our diapers. Priced to use for a short time during babies early weeks as well as making a great baby to baby hand me down for new moms. Adjustable for a customized fit, the FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper snugly swaddles your little one without adding bulk. Parents and caregivers will appreciate the easy-to-use pocket-style diaper and durable snap-button fastening system, while babies will enjoy crawling around in comfort. Made from the finest materials, this diaper is 100-percent reusable and many parents have claimed it helps prevent diaper rash.Perfect Size Cloth DiaperAt a Glance:Weight Requirements:X-Small 4 – 12 pounds Small 7 – 18 pounds Medium 15 – 30 pounds Large 25 – 45+ poundsWarranty: Backed by a limited one-year warrantyAdjustable waist and leg snapsallow for a custom fit. .Soft microfleece inner layer wicks away moisture, keeping your baby rash-free. .A Leak-Free Diaper that LastsThe Perfect Size Cloth Diaper provides the convenience of a custom-fitted diaper from day one without any waste. With customizable waist and leg snap adjustments, this is the trimmest fitting, least bulky cloth diaper FuzziBunz makes.Plus, parents can count on this cloth diaper to last, thanks to FuzziBunz’s thoughtful design. Unlike diapers with Velcro fasteners, this diaper’s patented design includes durable snaps that last wash after wash without wearing down. For further convenience, reinforced, double-stitched leg casings prevent leaks and fit snugly around your baby’s thighs.Easy-to-Use Insert and Stay-Dry DiaperWhen it comes to quick and efficient changes, this cloth diaper’s pocket opening makes all the difference. The pocket allows moms and dads to easily insert and remove absorbable diaper inserts. You can stuff a microfiber insert (included) in the pocket, or, for added absorbency, you can insert a hand towel or other item. Simply remove the insert from the pocket and shake off solids into a toilet.Both the FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper and the included insert are made to be worn once and then washed. Simply toss the dirty diaper and insert into the washing machine and tumble dry on low.Snug, Comfortable FitYour baby will feel comfortable in the FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper, thanks to the stretchy leg elastic that ensures a snug fit without restricting blood flow. Large square tabs hold the diaper in place to prevent sagging, while the waist and legs are fully adjustable, so you can customize the diaper to your baby.The FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper comes in four convenient sizes, x-small through large.Ecofriendly Materials that Prevent Diaper RashBy choosing this reusable diaper over a disposable option, you’re choosing to be friendlier to the environment, your wallet, and your baby. Made with high-quality fabrics, the FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper is gentle on the planet, as well as your baby’s bottom.The soft microfleece inner layer is custom milled to quickly wick away moisture, keeping your baby rash-free and comfortable. Most babies will never experience diaper rash with a FuzziBunz cloth diaper. In fact, diaper rash creams or ointments are not recommended for use with this diaper.Available in a Variety of ColorsAvailable in 13 fun, bright colors, FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diapers are appealing to the eye. Stylish topstitching highlights the fine quality of each diaper.The FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper is backed by a one-year limited warranty.About FuzziBunz: A Mother’s InventionFrustrated by the lack of quality cloth diapers when her son was suffering from diaper rash, Tereson Dupuy invented FuzziBunz, the modern, pocket-style diaper. Since 1999, millions of babies around the world have been raised wearing FuzziBunz cloth diapers. FuzziBunz is committed to its customers–of all ages!–and to ensuring that its products are kinder to the earth.What’s in the BoxFuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper, Tootie Frootie (X-Small), with one microfiber insert.Perfect Size Cloth DiapersFunkadelic FuzziBunzPerfectly PastelPrimaryFeatured ColorsGrape Crushed Berries Cotton Candy Buttercream White WatermelonChoco TruffleBig SkyApple GreenMintTootie FrootieMac N CheeseKumquat See all Product Description


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